In tune with mother nature and the shepherding experience

The neighbourhood gang

In this high tech, fast moving world that we live in, there are still people who live and work in tune with the natural rhythms and instincts of the plants and animals that inhabit this beautiful planet. You will very rarely see them in the mainstream media and probably did not realise that they even exist. These people are our livestock farmers and of these farmers the ones who still live very much in tune with all their animals and Mother Nature are the sheep farmers.

There are no intensive or industrialised sheep farms. If you shut sheep up in a building for long periods they die. They have to have the sky above them and the wind in their face. Because of this the shepherds and sheep farmers still maintain a harmonious relationship with the animals and environment that has been largely lost by other forms of livestock farming and they are also the only people in this country who rely on another animal to help them look after their charges.

We have to be carefull

The modern sheep farmer will use vaccinations to keep his sheep disease free. He will use a quad bike to save his legs and he will use his mobile phone to communicate with suppliers and his family. But, as he gets out of his pickup truck beside him will walk his sheepdog. As he walks through his flock, if he is a good sheep farmer, his sheep will trust and respect him. His dogs will trust and respect him. He will understand and respect his sheep and his dogs and the interaction between all three species is like a natural ballet.

So, if you are drowning under the weight of the rush and stress of this hectic technological modern life, or looking for the lifeline to pull you out of the quicksands of work or relationship problems, come and spend some time in the real, natural world of the Shepherd, where life goes on in the rhythm of nature. Be prepared to be bowled over by a pack of 6 friendly sheepdogs and surrounded by hundreds of sheep as you become part of the flock. Beneath the 10 percent veneer of domestication you will still see and sense the ways of the wild.

Be prepared to have your eyes opened.

A few tips

Richard showing he's earned the trust and respect of his animals

You will be travelling in a working farm vehicle that is not over spacious so you must be capable of getting into a high vehicle with narrow doors.

Do not come in your best designer clothes as the seat you will be sitting in was probably last occupied by one of the sheepdogs and during the day you will possibly come in contact with dog hairs, sheeps wool, mud etc.

Wellington boots or stout walking or work boots are a must.

Experience Days

We teach all the skills

Our experience days are designed to give our guests the chance to experience the real life world of shepherding with sheepdogs and to take part in the daily tasks of the modern shepherd whilst enjoying the beautiful countryside that it is our privilege to work in.

These tasks might include delivering a lamb, trimming a sheeps feet, catching a sick sheep in the field using the sheepdogs, partly shearing a sheep, rescuing a sheep that has fallen in the river or moving a flock from one field to another. Whatever we find as we go on our daily rounds of our flocks.

Typical Itinerary