About Us

You will go in!

Richard and Sue Little are full time sheep farmers in the beautiful countryside of north Norfolk.

They have been farming sheep for the last 25 years, and their greatest joy comes from working their own border collies and showing other people how to train their own dogs to work sheep. They are very keen to demonstrate to people how essential the sheepdog is to the modern sheep farmer. They do this by working demonstrations at country fairs or by experience days on their own farm where you can participate in the day to day tasks of the farm and get up close and personal with the animals.

Both Sue and Richard have been heavily involved in the sheepdog scene in East Anglia and Sue is especially well known in the trialling world nationally as both a successful trainer and competitor, having won numerous championships throughout the country and having qualified several dogs to run each year in the English National sheepdog trials since the early 2000s.

Richard at the Suffolk Show

Richard is mainly involved with the day to day sheep farming tasks and along with the demonstrations, of which he has done over 1600 in the last 20 years, this keeps him pretty busy.

They both take part in the experience days depending on the requirements of the day.